Bachelor of Arts | B.A.

Our college has been offering the traditional three years Bachelor of Arts programme (B.A) from the time of its inception. This programme has been a popular, traditional choice for many students as it offered a variety of social science subjects (viz Psychology, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology and History) and languages (viz. English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Sanskrit) for study.

In its contemporariness, the B.A course in K J Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce in its Autonomous Status, has been fulfilling the basic requirements of employment industries like Print and Audio-Visual Media, Creative Arts, Performing Arts, Social Media, Management in Corporate and Banking Sectors, Mental Health Professionals, Library Sciences, Academia, Research and Higher Education, Public Service in State and Central Governments, Free-lancing in Journalism and in Entrepreneurship. Over the years, it has emerged as a very informed choice for students for its flexibility in choice of subjects and the combination of subjects offered at the Final year for specialization. With diversity in students admitted, subjects and languages offered, methodologies and pedagogies of teaching-learning, the six semesters of B.A course is a widely- accepted  course, fulfilling unique need of every student. 

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