Bachelor of Arts | B.A.
Language : English | Marathi

B.A. in Marathi is an undergraduate program in Marathi Language and Literature with focus on Linguistic and Literary skills. It aims to provide students with a broad knowledge of the field of Marathi, including understanding and realizing importance of Marathi Language in day to day life, in our social environment as well as in terms of career avenues.

Additional important language skills include translation and creative writing. The program also emphasizes the ability to write well, to do solid and innovative assignments in a specialized field or fields, to learn effectively, and to make articulate presentations in the classroom and beyond.

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Courses in this program will help students-

  • To raise Linguistic and Literary competence.
  • To develop Linguistic skills in Marathi.
  • To develop literary skills in Marathi.
  • To make available career avenues through these skills.

(Here are some of the skills that are generally acquired through Language courses: Communication, including reading; writing and speaking, Gathering, assessing and interpreting information; Leading and participating in discussions and groups; Conveying meaning precisely; Presentation; Responding to others – from discussions in oral classes; Attention to detail, Boost in personal confidence and independence; Listening to other people; Resilience; Problem solving etc.)

Marathi Prabodhan

Marathi Prabodhan is an extracurricular activities’ forum of Marathi department. Various programmes are conducted for overall development of the student, under this forum-Marathi Prabodhan. Programmes include- cultural programmes under inaugural function involving approximately 70 students exhibiting their skills and potential, 10 collegiate and 3 intercollegiate competitions, encouraging students to participate in various programmes in and beyond college forums, Tilgul Samarabh to connect and collaborate with others, organising Marathi Bhasha Diwas at a grand level, organising programmes in collaboration of NGOs to enhance the language skills and socio-cultural awareness of students. It also undertakes collaborative activities with literary bodies and media institutes.

It initiates broader exposure to students through various programmes under Marathi Department, such as Guest lectures, seminars, workshops, publication of Aashay magazine, book exhibitions, poster exhibition, visiting and interviewing professionals, visit to libraries and/or book shops, visit to media houses, screening films etc.

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First Year (Semester- I)
Marathi Compulsory

Selected Marathi Prose and Poetry and Functional Marathi (Essay Writing, Written text for compering, Application Writing, Letter Writing, Report Writing)

Marathi Ancillary

Introduction to Drama and its classification, Natyacchata, Batawani and soliloquy, One Act play and Street Play, Textual analysis of नाट्यछटा, वसंत सबनीसांची बतावणी, वि. वा. शिरवाडकरांच्या नटसम्राट नाटकातील स्वगत

First Year (Semester- II)
Marathi Compulsory

Selected Marathi Poetry and Functional Marathi (Translation, Questionnaire for interviewing, Slogan Writing, Comprehension of an unseen passage)

Marathi Ancillary

Introduction to Marathi Theatre, Textual Analysis Of two Marathi plays- वसंत कानेटकर लिखित रायगडाला जेव्हा जाग येते, आणि राजकुमार तांगडे लिखित शिवाजी अंडरग्राऊंड इन भीमनगर मोहल्ला.

Second Year (Semester- III)

Introduction to Story and Novel. Textual Analysis of Selected 4 Stories and 1 Novel – मुरलीधर खैरनार लिखित शोध

Nature and features of Language, Language Structure and functions of Language, Areas of Language Studies.

Second Year (Semester- IV)

Introduction to Character sketch and autobiography, Selected Character Sketches and Selected parts from Autobiographies.

Language and Linguistic Skills, Introduction to Basic Linguistic Skills, Introduction to Modern and Career oriented Linguistic Skills.

Third Year (Semester- V)

Beginning and Mahanubhav Literature, Introduction to Warkari Literature, Literature of Other sects and other religions.

Indian Theory of Literature: Concepts and Theories, Nature of Literary Language, Creative Processes and purposes.

Literature and Society: Interrelations-theories. Analysis of a Novel in theoretical context, Analysis of a Poems in theoretical context, Literature and Society.

What is Socio-Linguistics, Language Contact and Language-variations, Language decay and Language progress, Language policies and challenges.

Concepts in Author studies, Specific Author in context, Analysis of various Texts in context of an author studies.

Nature of Translation: Definition and types, Nature of Translation: In context of Language, Style and Culture, Actual Translation. (From Marathi to English or Hindi and from English and Hindi to Marathi.)

Third Year (Semester- VI)

Introduction to Pandit Literature, Shahiri Literature, Bakhar Literature and Historical Importance of Medieval Marathi Literature.

Western Theory of Literature: Concepts and Theories, Nature of Literary Language, Creative Processes and purposes.

Interrelations-theories in Marathi, Analysis of an autobiography in theoretical context, Analysis of short stories in theoretical context.

शब्दांचे वर्गीकरण–पारंपरिक व आधुनिक, विकरण-लिंग,वचन,विभक्ती व आख्यात, शब्दसिद्धी आणि प्रकार, प्रयोगविचारआणि प्रकार.

Analysis of various Texts in context of an author studies. In special reference to Arun Sadhu.

Creative Writing-Theoretical framework, Story writing, Dialogue writing for drama and film, Poetry writing and Literary essay writing. In short, department of Marathi works towards

  • Introduction to all major Genres of Literature.
  • Focus on raising Linguistic and Literary competence towards it.
  • Supporting programs by Marathi Prabodhan.
  • Focus on applied linguistic skills.
  • Out of Book- Practical Approach