Bachelor of Arts | B.A.
Language : English | Hindi

Bachelor Of Arts Programme in Hindi is an UG-Programme of three years, which comprises of 6 semesters. It includes the History Of Hindi Literature, Linguistics, Grammar, Media Studies and Post-Modern Discourses. Functional Hindi and writing Skills are also incorporated. The syllabi is designed to help students inculcate values and passion for Hindi Literature.

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  • To make the students competent and skilled. 
  • To create awareness about Socio – Cultural and Historical background of India.
  • To equip the students with communication skills and application of Hindi in Computer and Internet.
  • To develop human values in the younger minds. 
  • To create awareness about current discourses and ideologies through literature like Globalization, Dalit, Stree and Aadivasi etc.
  • To encourage research activities.

Hindi Parisabha

Hindi Parisabha is an association of the department for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Unique activities of the Sabha includes the celebration of Premchand Jayanti and Hindi Diwas kavi-sammelan. The association also organizes inter-collegiate Rashtrakavi Maithilisharan Gupt extempore and Premchand kathakathan spardha since last 55 years.

Eminent Alumni


First year (Semester I)

Short Stories, Memoirs, Satire, Character sketch, etc. & Essay Writing

First Year (Semester II)

(Novel, Short Stories, Essays, etc.) & Letter-Writing.

Prescribed text sensitizes social issues which are relevant in current scenario.

Second Year (Semester- III)
Medieval Poetry & Khandkavya (Rashmirathi by Dinkarji), Dialogue Writing

Medieval poets such as Kabir, Tulsi, Mirabai’s compassionate poetic work helps inspire youth.

Official letter-writing skill will be accomplished.

Second Year (Semester- IV)
Modern Poetry, collection of poems by Poets of modern era (Nirala, Bacchan, Mangalesh Dabral, Bhavani Prasad Mishra, etc.) & report writing.

To enrich students perspective and creativity through literature.

Third Year (Semester- V)

Understanding the chronological development & characteristics of Hindi Literature in ancient & medieval era.

Creating literary taste through different texts of literary forms.

To develop official letter writing skills.

Core component of Hindi Literature and nurtures aesthetic sense.

Correct usage of language and linguistics.

Enrich the Communication & Professional write-ups.

Third Year (Semester- VI)

To acquaint with different trends and its impact on various forms of Hindi Literature.

Makes students understand the genre of Ghazals of Dushyant Kumar.

Accomplish translation and Computing skills in Hindi.

To understand the perception of Gandhism, Marxism, Dalit & Stree Vimarsh and its impact on Hindi Literature.

The course deals with econometric modeling, diagnostic testing, forecasting and linear programming using R software.