Hsc -arts i.t

IT department (Commerce and Arts streams) of KJSAC(Junior college) has to vision which will concentrates on a balanced development of students in intellectual, emotional and physical terms, with a view to develop a technology literate, creative, and critically thinking class of students to open the doors to the world of knowledge. The curriculum has been devised to integrate a wide variety of knowledge, language value elements and skills such as creative and critical thinking, personal, social, scientific, mathematical, and environmental and knowledge acquisition. In order to execute these dreams we have to develop the relevant infrastructure. We should carry out a substantial reinvention and re- engineering of educational sector. Our existing curriculum in our educational
institution with respect to computer courses have to be thoroughly revamped. Internet connectivity should be provided to all Schools. Recognized aided and unaided Educational Institutions should ensure that the entire student community irrespective of subject chosen should become computer literate. IT should be the integral part of the education system.