Bachelor of Arts | B.A.
Language : English | Sanskrit

A Bachelor of Arts program in Sanskrit entails the intensive study of Vedic, classical, and Modern Sanskrit Literature. Besides, introduction to various branches of knowledge (Shastra-s) in Indian Knowledge Tradition is also incorporated in this Programme. The programme involves practical aspect of language application through modern Sanskrit theatre.

This course is spread over 6 semesters. Each semester under this course makes sure that students internalize the ability to decode Sanskrit language and various Shastra-s to meet present needs.

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  • To inculcate basic linguistic skills in Sanskrit language
  • To introduce masterpieces in Sanskrit literature and build ability to study primary sources.
  • To popularize Sanskrit language at mass level
  • To promote interdisciplinary and cross linguistic studies
  • To inculcate research aptitude with respect to Indian Knowledge Systems

Sanskrit Sabha

Sanskrit Sabha is an association of the department for co curricular and extracurricular activities. Regular activities of Sabha include celebration of Kalidas din, Sanskrit din. Geeta Jayanti celebration is a unique activity of the association. Another distinguishing feature of the association is staging of modern Sanskrit dramas. The college has bagged many accolades in the Sanskrit drama competitions organized every year by Government of Maharashtra

Eminent Alumni


First Year (Semester- I)

 Bhasa’s Madhyamavyayogam

Compulsory: Linguistic Skills in Sanskrit

 Selected Sanskrit Subhashit

First Year (Semester- II)

 Selected extracts from Ramayana & Mahabharata

Compulsory: Linguistic Skills in Sanskrit

 Selected Sanskrit stories

Second Year (Semester- III)

 Mammata’s Kavyaprakash

Second Year (Semester- IV)

 Rasashastra, Vanaspatishastra, Dakargalam, Yogashastra

Third Year (Semester- V)

 Rigveda, Atharvaveda

 Lagusidhantkamudi: Samdnya & Karaka, Creative Writing Skills in Sanskrit

Third Year (Semester- VI)

 Vedantsara, Brahmasutrashankarbhasyam

 Selected Sanskrit Poetry and Prose

 Brahmana & Upanishad Literature

 Lagusidhantkamudi: Sandhi, Creative Writing Skills in Sanskrit

 Mukta, Kantakanjali, Bhuam Anita Bhagavadbhasha