Political Science

Bachelor of Arts | B.A.

This is an undergraduate full time 3 year degree course designed to develop pupil’s intellectual, rational up to the mark professional abilities. The intent of this course is to train students to think critically and creatively to find new ways to address and improve developmental and policy concerns and contribute to Political Science as an important discipline of Social Sciences.

This course is spread over 6 semesters. Each successive semester attempts to ensure that you are progressing step by step to meet the opportunities offered in and face the challenges of the dynamic/vibrant and rapidly changing world and the field of Political Science.

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Programme Objectives

  • To train a pupil to face a competitive world of the 21st century by ingraining a strong foundation of the nature of political Institutions - its theory and practice. The training in political theories are firmly interlinked with and are aimed at understanding and analyzing empirical realities, power politics nation- states power relations and principles in maintaining and managing world affairs.
  • To develop a critical edge to the personality as a pupil of practical social science.
  • Through the course, the pupils should be able to analyze the learned lessons in the classroom.
  • During the course, pupils should be taught/trained/guided to write balanced, unbiased, non-partisan answers with complete objectivity.
  • Classroom should provide/encourage dissenting, inclusive critically appreciating atmosphere which will shape a rational personality and will reflect in future knowledge-production.

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